I hate bullies

I’ve not been blogging much of late. Folks who are experts in this tell me this is very bad because….you blog to get heard and you will not get heard if you don’t develop a following and you will not develop a following if you don’t blog often. Truth is, I blog merely to ventilate and clear my head. Since I know there is a possibility this may get read it motivates me to at least be a little careful about what I put out here. Lately…for the last 2 years, I’ve been deeply involved in a ton of ‘required writing’, not the the least of which is a doctoral program plus three different book projects. I’ve little time or inspiration to write after all of that. Even my three-decade-long practice of journaling has all but come to a halt.

Said all that to say this…I’ve got something I just realized about myself and I need to write it before I say too much about it to the wrong people. I deeply despise bullies…especially when they come in the form of abusive leaders. I realize no one likes bullys but I mean I have a loathing, distrust, dislike, get sick-in-the-stomach-want-to punch-them-in-the-face disregard of leader-bullies. Those that know me will be surprised at my outburst here but not about the subject matter.  Leadership and authority are a trust. Jesus taught us that if a leader was to be truly effective he first must be a model and a servant.

If you are a leader and I disagree with you I will always do my best to get out of your way and try to get behind you. I will give you the benefit of the doubt in every circumstance possible…because I know that leadership is hard and it takes courage. Leaders will not always get it right and I know that. If someone has been entrusted with a leadership responsibility I want to step up with my support and encouragement…even if I may think they are wrong. On the other hand, when I see a leader act with an abusive sense of entitlement I tense for a fight. When I see one begin his relationship with subordinates by communicating disdain and/or distrust I start circling the wagens. If I witness multiple communications indicating the leader thinks he is the ‘boss’ just because he wears the rank or title and the opinions and skills of subordinates are routinely ignored–I’m organizing an army. National president, school principle, shop foreman, car-pool organizer or commanding general–it matters little to me. You have my admiration for your willingness to lead. If you abuse that trust I’ve learned to instinctively confront, oppose and if necessary–bring you down.

Now I feel better. Good night.

About Robert A. Moore, Jr.

It's all about relationships and relationships depend upon effective communication. I'm not a real smart guy but I've tried to be a continual learner. God is my judge, his Son is my model, His Word is my roadmap and His Holy Spirit is my companion and guide. I have taken the time to earn a B.A. in C.E. & Psychology from Lee University then much later an MA in Org. Leadership from Azusa Pacific Univ. and more recently h a Doctor of Strategic Leadership(DSL) via Regent University. My biggest teachers however have been my 89 year old dad--what a man of courage and integrity. My little 100 pound Italian momma who we lost in 2005; my 4 siblings; my three sons Jeremy, Jonny & Rob III; my daughters-in-law Erika Beth Tiedemann Moore and Sheila Skelf Moore; more recently my grandsons Alex and Ben. The person who has taught me the most and keeps me between the ditches is my wife and love of more than 38 years, Patty. This blog helps me to keep learning ongoing and in focus with others.
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