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It's all about relationships and relationships depend upon effective communication. I'm not a real smart guy but I've tried to be a continual learner. God is my judge, his Son is my model, His Word is my roadmap and His Holy Spirit is my companion and guide. I have taken the time to earn a B.A. in C.E. & Psychology from Lee University then much later an MA in Org. Leadership from Azusa Pacific Univ. and more recently h a Doctor of Strategic Leadership(DSL) via Regent University. My biggest teachers however have been my 89 year old dad--what a man of courage and integrity. My little 100 pound Italian momma who we lost in 2005; my 4 siblings; my three sons Jeremy, Jonny & Rob III; my daughters-in-law Erika Beth Tiedemann Moore and Sheila Skelf Moore; more recently my grandsons Alex and Ben. The person who has taught me the most and keeps me between the ditches is my wife and love of more than 38 years, Patty. This blog helps me to keep learning ongoing and in focus with others.

The Power of Alignment

My early thoughts in this new year seem to center around two concepts; 1. alignment 2. focus. The later is one reason I begin to blog and write again. The first, alignment is a powerful concept that helps me to … Continue reading

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The Wonder & Joy of “Stretchy Pants”

I am in the waning hours of a a rare but wonderful time at home with my family and away from my office. Though I’ve checked my email in-box daily for any emergency info, I’ve definitely allowed myself to slip … Continue reading

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Thoughts of Mom on Mother’s Day

I still hear her sweet Italian-accented voice in my head. Continue reading

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Reflections on Father’s Day 2014

Reflections on Father’s Day 2014 As you get older you tend to have a greater respect for those life influences you perhaps once took for granted, or at best simply underrated. I’m quite sure I’m guilty of this. I KNOW … Continue reading

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Leadership ain’t what it used to be

Leadership is the ability to motivate the will and actions of a group toward goal attainment.  This implies relationship between leader and follower. Formerly goal-attainment was often synonymous with a directive leader. Changes in our world have helped to alter … Continue reading

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